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Fri Jul 25 16:37:30 MDT 2014

> Dear Colleagues,
> We would like to bring your attention to an AGU session of interest to those working on seismicity, slow slip, ductile flow, and other phenomena at the down dip end of megathrust in subduction zones: Fault Mechanics at the Brittle-Ductile Transition of Subduction Zones
> "The tendency of large earthquakes to nucleate or penetrate through the brittle-ductile transition zone at their downdip end greatly impacts the stress accumulation in subduction zones. A surprising diversity of fault slip behaviors including conventional seismicity, slow slip and tectonic tremors, has been shown to co-exist near this complex rheological transition. In addition to geophysical observations, a growing number of petrological observations and rock deformation experiments combined with numerical analysis, improves constraints on the rheological and physical conditions required for the spectrum of deformation events to occur. However, outstanding questions, such as the role of rheology vs. that of surrounding conditions in the generation of "unconventional earthquakes", or the role of fluids, remain unanswered. experimental investigations and field observations that provide new information and physical models to better understand fault mechanics at the brittle-ductile transition in subduction zones.”
> Conveners:
> Marine Denolle, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
> Noel Bartlow, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
> Justin Brown, James Madison University
> Nicolas Brantut, University College London
> Invited Speakers:
> Satoshi Ide, University of Tokyo
> Michael Brudzinski, Miami University, Oxford
> Sabine Den Hartog, Pennsylvania State University
> Yajing Liu, McGill University
> Apologize for the multiple postings,
> Cheers,
> Marine, Noel, Justin, and Nicolas.
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