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Passing along a call to apply for funding to development of 
undergraduate curriculum materials - a great opportunity!

InTeGrate is seeking proposals from faculty and instructors to author 
new undergraduate-level teaching materials and model courses. All 
materials will be developed, tested and published by collaborative teams 
drawn from a minimum of three institutions and must support at least 2 
weeks of instruction. Each team member will receive a $15,000 stipend 
for their work authoring, testing, revising, and publishing the teaching 
materials and supporting materials for faculty. Teaching materials will 
be focused on:

  * modules or courses that use a humanities, engineering or social
    science frame to teach about the Earth.
  * modules or courses that bring learning about the Earth into the core
    majors curriculum in biology, engineering, economics, or other
    disciplines OR that bring engineering, economics, business or other
    disciplines into the core geoscience majors
  * modules for introductory geoscience or environmental science on any
    of six topics integrating geoscience and societal issues.

For more information about the InTeGrate materials development and 
testing process and requirements for proposers and to apply, see

Proposed deadline is July 15, 2014

InTeGrate is funded by a 5-year STEP Center grant from the National 
Science Foundation. The program supports the teaching of geoscience in 
the context of societal issues both within geoscience courses and across 
the undergraduate curriculum. Our goal is to develop a citizenry and 
workforce that can address environmental and resource issues facing our 
society in a just and sustainable way.

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