[unav_all] AGU session on Near Fault Observatories

Bill Ellsworth ellsworth at usgs.gov
Mon Jun 30 17:23:55 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to bring your attention to AGU session ID# 2171 Near Fault
Observatories to Understand Faulting and Earthquake Mechanics.  


Faults are natural systems whose mechanical conditions evolve with time.
Thus the understanding of the multi-scale physical and chemical processes
controlling faulting and earthquake generation requires the availability of
high-quality multidisciplinary data.  Near-fault observatories are research
infrastructures implemented worldwide to collect diverse data around active
faults over long observational times. They are natural laboratories that
promote multidisciplinary investigations.  

The session aims to bring together scientists with complementary experience
to discuss the analyses of long time series of high-resolution
seismological, geodetic, geochemical, geological and geophysical data to
identify and constrain tectonic processes, the identification of transient
signals and slow deformation processes, the observations on earthquake
initiation and propagation, triggering mechanisms, the analyses of
seismicity patterns, repeaters and temporal changes in crustal condition and
the underlying physics.  The overarching objective is discussing the
progress in the monitoring and understanding of earthquake mechanics and to
foster future collaborations.



Lauro Chiaraluce (INGV, Rome), Pascal Bernard (IPG, Paris), Marco Bohnhoff
(GFZ, Potsdam),

Bill Ellsworth (USGS, Menlo Park), session conveners



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