[unav_all] NISAR enters Phase-A

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Wed May 7 19:36:28 MDT 2014

Posted on behalf Gerald W Bawden

Dear UNAVCO Community:

NISAR, the joint National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Indian Space Research Organization synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mission inspired by the Decadal Survey DESDynI concept, is now officially in Phase-A as a scheduled and budgeted mission with an anticipated launch date in the Fall 2020.  NISAR is a dual L- and S-band polarimetric SAR satellite with a 12-day interferometric orbit that will provide systematic global coverage.  Its primary science objectives are to: measure solid Earth surface deformation (earthquakes, volcanic unrest, land subsidence/uplift, landslides); track and understand cryosphere dynamics (glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, and permafrost); characterize and track changes in vegetation structure and wetlands for understanding ecosystem dynamics and carbon cycle; and support global disaster response.  In addition, the planned dense spatial and temporal sampling can support a host of additional science objectives and end-user applications.

There will be a series of workshops seeking community input on how the mission can serve the broadest possible user base and fundamentally advance our understanding of the process that drive its science mission objectives.  The first workshop will be in Fall 2014 and will focus on Science Applications, science and applied science topics that are beyond the primary mission requirements.

The Science Definition Team

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