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Falk Amelung famelung at rsmas.miami.edu
Wed Oct 8 13:45:24 MDT 2014

Hello Unavco community,

Are you interested tin using remote sensing observations for studying the tectonics and/or volcanoes of Indonesia and/or the Philippines?   A group of us is submitting a proposal to the Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) to establish the Southeast Asia Natural Laboratory for Geohazards. We hope to obtain high-resolution SAR data for the most active volcanoes, medium resolution imagery to study strain accumulation along selected fault zones, and low-resolution imagery of globally observing satellites for background monitoring. If interested please drop me an e-mail including 1-2 sentences about your particular research plans for inclusion into the proposal. We particularly welcome the participation of research groups outside the U.S. because a global distribution of research teams may help the proposal.

Thank you

Falk Amelung (University of Miami, Florida) and Teguh P Sidiq (Institute of Technology  Bandung, Indonesia)

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