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Early career disciplinary researchers in the earth, atmospheric, ocean, and polar sciences and scientific discipline based education researchers in the geosciences are invited to apply to participate in the following workshop.    We also request that you distribute the invitation to appropriate colleagues.

ENGAGE Workshop- Encouraging Networks between Geoscience and Geoscience Education
January 18-20, 2015
Arlington, VA

Significant advances in both the geosciences and in STEM education have taken place in recent years, such that early-career professionals face a different and evolving landscape of what we teach, how we teach, and how we communicate the broader impacts of our research. Adding urgency to the task is the projection of an increased need for geoscientists and professionals with an understanding of geoscience, due to anticipated retirements from the baby-boomer generation and job growth in geoscience-related careers. In response, the National Science Foundation is funding a workshop to bring together early-career researchers to explore collaborative approaches that leverage advances in both geoscience disciplines (earth, atmospheric, ocean, and polar sciences) and in geoscience education. These relationships are critical for two reasons: (1) to address the foundational educational research needed on how people learn geoscience content and develop into expert geoscientists, and (2) to facilitate early career geoscientists in enhancing the broader impacts of their geoscience research.

The workshop will include a combination of plenary talks, panelist presentations, group discussions and time for networking and collaboration. Early career geoscience researchers and discipline based education researchers (DBERs) will each bring important expertise to the workshop.  The geoscience researchers can provide content specific instructional challenges and classroom/student access, while DBERs bring a knowledge of methodologies to study those challenges.  Both groups will have the opportunity to develop new collaborations, with geoscience researchers gaining an understanding of the DBER process, and ideas for broadening the impact of their research, while DBERs will gain a better understanding of content challenges in the geosciences.

This workshop is open to 40 people by application, and travel and workshop costs will be covered for all selected participants. The application deadline is November 7, 2014 and details can be found at 


Contact Nicole LaDue <nladue at niu.edu> or  MIchael Hubenthal <hubenth at iris.edu> with questions

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