[unav_all] Pos-Doc Positions @ SEGAL

Rui Fernandes rui at segal.ubi.pt
Thu Sep 4 08:00:08 MDT 2014

Dear Colleagues (apologize for multi post crossed),
     There is opportunity in the framework of a European Union project to 
support 2 Pos-Doc Researchers for 2 years at SEGAL, UBI, Covilhã. The two areas 
of interest are:
         (a) Development of web-services for data management and dissemination;
         (b) Processing and analysis of GNSS time-series
     The major issue is that the deadline is too soon (Sept 11) - the University 
only informed me yesterday evening. But if you know about a potential candidate, 
I real appreciate if put him in contact with us asap in order to discuss the 
conditions to apply.

     Best Regards,
         Rui Fernandes


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