[unav_all] Amphibious Array Workshop: Support Requests and Abstracts & White Papers Due on 9/9

Andy Frassetto andyf at iris.edu
Thu Sep 4 15:43:06 MDT 2014

*Apply for Travel Support and Submit Abstracts and White Papers by 
September 9th:

*Workshop on the Future of the Amphibious Array*
*Thursday-Friday, October 23-24, 2014
Snowbird, Utah

This two day workshop will consider the future of the Amphibious Array 
of onshore and ocean-bottom seismometers (OBS's) currently deployed as 
the Cascadia Initiative. The workshop will have two primary goals:

1) to evaluate the ongoing Cascadia Initiative deployment of the 
Amphibious Array, which will have completed 3 of 4 years by the time of 
the workshop, and

2) to make recommendations for the type, size and scope of future 
scientific studies using the Amphibious Array, identifying critical 
scientific targets and recognizing the capabilities of the Amphibious Array.

The first goal will be achieved through emphasis on technical or 
logistical reports that assess the current operations and 
instrumentation of the Amphibious Array, addressing issues such as 
instrument performance and data quality, the performance of OBS's 
deployed in shallow waters, and integration of on-land with offshore 
operations. Understanding this performance will be needed to help define 
the scope of future deployments. The second goal will be achieved 
through a series of community recommendations to emerge for future 
deployments, considering critical scientific targets at a variety of 
scales and durations.  Planning will focus on the EarthScope footprint 
and the period through 2018, although longer-term plans will be discussed.

*Abstracts and White Papers *
Community contributions will form a critical aspect of the workshop 
discussions. If you plan to put forward either an abstract or white 
paper, then please register and submit these by Tuesday, September 9.

*Registration and Travel Support*
Considerable travel support is available to enable attendance for this 
workshop. To be eligible, please register by Tuesday, September 9 and 
indicate your needed level of funding. All other registrations close on 
Tuesday, September 30.

*For Students and Post-Docs*
There is a special pre-workshop event on the evening of Wednesday, 
October 22. Students and post-docs requesting support should plan to 
attend this program.
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