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Linda Rowan rowan at unavco.org
Thu Dec 10 10:17:33 MST 2015

Dear UNAVCO Community,

UNAVCO has established a public proof of concept site called Connect UNAVCO
<http://connect.unavco.org/> that is a research-focused discovery tool that
enables collaboration among researchers across all disciplines that utilize
UNAVCO services. The site uses an open source semantic web application
called VIVO <http://vivoweb.org/>. The application has been enhanced to
allow discovery of connections between people, publications, data, tools
and other information. For example, you can view the profile of a UNAVCO
staff member and see their expertise, their UNAVCO-related publications,
any data digital object identifiers (DOIs), their co-authors and other

We are utilizing unique identifiers, wherever they are available, to
populate the site and make these connections. For example, UNAVCO is
minting data DOIs <http://www.unavco.org/data/doi/doi.html> for GPS data
and now SAR data. We are also using Open Researcher and Contributor ID (
ORCID <http://orcid.org/>) as a unique identifier for a researcher, if a
researcher opts to share the information.

We are writing to announce the availability of Connect UNAVCO and to seek
more information from the UNAVCO community. We invite you to browse the
site and send us comments.

*You can also join us at AGU 2015.*

1. We will be demonstrating the site and conducting usability tests at the
UNAVCO booth (#222) and the UCAR booth (#208) at the Fall AGU 2015 meeting.

2. The EarthCollab team will be holding demonstrations, usability tests and
discussions about the site and the project at the EarthCube booth (#116)
from 10:30 am to 12 pm on Weds. December 16, 2015.

3. Finally the EarthCollab team will be holding demonstrations, usability
tests and discussions about the site and the project at the Marriott
Marquis, Room: Foothills F, from 4 to 6 pm on Weds. December 16, 2015. You
can come by at any time during this 2-hour window.

We have designed a survey
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/unavco_vivo_expertise> that asks about a
UNAVCO-related researcher’s expertise, so that we can add more details to a
UNAVCO-related researcher’s profile page on Connect UNAVCO. The survey
should only take 5 minutes. It will request your name, email and your ORCID
(if you have one and would like to share this information). The other four
questions, ask you to choose your expertise from a list of areas related to
geodesy (just a few clicks). Registering for an ORCID literally takes only
a minute, if you want to get an ORCID <http://orcid.org/> before taking the
survey (completely optional). *Please go to this **link*
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/connect_unavco_expertise>* to take the
survey (this survey is completely optional).*

Many members of the UNAVCO community already have pages on Connect UNAVCO.
If you do not, but would like to have your page activated, please let us
know or fill out the expertise survey. Thank you for considering Connect
UNAVCO and please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Support for Connect UNAVCO is via a National Science Foundation
collaborative award with NCAR and Cornell through the EarthCube Building
Blocks program (project title and more information at EarthCollab

Thank you, Linda and Benjamin

Benjamin Gross, Data Technician


mbgross at unavco.org

Linda Rowan, External Affairs Director
6350 Nautilus Drive
Boulder CO 80301-5394

Office: 303-381-7571
Fax: 303-381-7501
Cell: 202-577-4460
Skype: lbifrowan
rowan at unavco.org
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