[unav_all] AGU Career Lounge Talk: Discussion of Resources and Needs for Early Career Investigators (Monday, December 14, 11 AM - 12 PM)

Danielle Sumy danielle.sumy at iris.edu
Fri Dec 11 09:55:09 MST 2015

Early career investigators (ECIs), loosely defined as senior graduate students through early career professionals, face many challenges. In an effort to promote and sustain the success of newly-minted scientists, researchers, and educators, IRIS, UNAVCO, and AGU organize practical resources and professional development opportunities. The goal is to boost the effectiveness, productivity, and quality of life of ECIs. Please join Aisha Morris (UNAVCO), Danielle Sumy (IRIS), Geoff Blewitt (AGU Geodesy), and Greg Beroza (AGU Seismology), as they discuss different opportunities that the organizations have to offer for students and ECIs, and provide feedback so that we can grow and meet your needs in the future.

For more information, check out: http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2015/event/career-lounge-talk-discussion-of-resources-and-needs-for-students-and-early-career-investigators-with-irisunavco/ <http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2015/event/career-lounge-talk-discussion-of-resources-and-needs-for-students-and-early-career-investigators-with-irisunavco/>

Come and voice your opinion, and hear from both early and senior scientists. The event will take place on Monday, December 14th from 11 AM - 12 PM in the AGU Career Lounge. We hope you can join us!

On behalf of UNAVCO, IRIS, and AGU
Danielle Sumy, PhD
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Instrumentation Services
Education and Public Outreach
Phone: 202-682-2220 x168
Email: danielle.sumy at iris.edu

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