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Linda Rowan rowan at unavco.org
Wed Feb 18 10:32:29 MST 2015

Dear UNAVCO Community,
There is a great opportunity to communicate with policymakers in Washington DC in March. The event is called Science, Engineering and Technology Congressional Visits Day (SETCVD) and it encompasses 2 full days in the Nation's Capital on March 17-18, 2015. The first day involves briefings and workshops on current policy and how to communicate with policymakers. The second day involves visits to congressional offices to speak with staff and/or members about the value of science, engineering and technology.

AGU, AGI and GSA are some of the societies that are involved in organizing SETCVD. You can ask questions or sign up with any of the public affairs offices of these societies. You would be responsible for your own travel.

Please consider getting involved in SETCVD or communicating with policymakers about the value of geosciences in another manner.

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