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Beth Pratt-Sitaula prattsitaula at unavco.org
Tue Jan 6 14:47:06 MST 2015

Hello Everyone

Another teaching resource that might be of interest is the Visible Earthquake InSAR <http://www.3ptscience.com/earthquake> Interactive Tool. Student can use this real-time InSAR model to determine likely fault ruptures that produced a given interferogram. At the moment Visible Earthquake has five possible earthquakes to choose from but more can be added. If you have an interferogram you would like to contribute, contact us <http://www.3ptscience.com/earthquake/about>.

The GETSI project <http://serc.carleton.edu/getsi/teaching_materials/index.html> is currently working to develop more comprehensive teaching resources to use the Visible Earthquake tool. These will be available later this year but in the meantime, the tool itself is fully available.

Beth Pratt-Sitaula, PhD
UNAVCO Science Education Specialist
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