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Nicholas M Beeler nbeeler at usgs.gov
Wed Jan 7 10:56:48 MST 2015

hi unavco all list,

i have an ad a post doc position for the distribution list. a rich text version is included below. attached is .docx file. 

best, nick

 Post-doctoral research position investigating aseismic slip, earthquake occurrence and hazard 
The USGS Mendenhall post-doctoral research program has an opportunity for research into the conditions that lead to seismic versus aseismic faulting and the spatial and temporal interaction of fault slip modes, to advance our understanding of earthquake occurrence and earthquake hazard. It is a multidisciplinary opportunity involving seismology, deformation and geodesy, geophysics, experimental fault mechanics, and seismic hazard analysis. It is open to candidates from all of these fields. Possible research topics include but are not limited to:
1) Determining the extent that areas of coseismic and aseismic slip overlap, and the implications for forecasting future large earthquake ruptures.
2) Seismologic, deformational or laboratory constraints on the physical processes underlying transient fault slip, including ETS and the occurrence of foreshock sequences.
3) Better establishing the seismic moment from co-seismic slip below the 'locked' depth, scaling of such deep slip with ruptured area and the influence of deep slip on large earthquake stress drop and surface slip.
4) Relation of episodic slow slip to large earthquake occurrence, including improved observational and rheological constraints on the up-dip extent of ETS.
5) Improved observations of transitions between aseismic and seismic slip and their relation to temperature, depth, mineralogy, phase transformations, slip rate, strain rate and pore pressure.
6) Developing methods to use geodetically observable aseismic transients or associated foreshocks in monitoring and earthquake hazard, for example in short-term likelihood forecasts.
7) Constraints on the dynamic rheology of the near-trench extent of subduction megathrusts and the mechanics of co-seismic coupling among fault slip, ground motion and tsunamigenesis.
Application deadline: February 17th 2015
Position start dates: Start dates have not been finalized. At the present time they are projected to be between May 2015 and early 2016.
Research Advisors: Nick Beeler, (650) 329-4863, (360) 993-8987, nbeeler at usgs.gov; Jessica Murray, (650) 329-4864, jrmurray at usgs.gov; David Shelly, (650) 329-4024, dshelly at usgs.gov; Diane Moore, (650) 329-4825, dmoore at usgs.gov; David Lockner, (650) 329-4826, dlockner at usgs.gov; Evelyn Roeloffs, 360-993-8937, evelynr at usgs.gov.
Location: Menlo Park, California; Vancouver, Washington.
For general information on the Mendenhall program see:
and for a more detailed description of this opportunity (15-9) see :
Contact one of the research advisors directly to discuss possible application proposals.

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