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Dear all, 

On behalf of conveners, we invite you to submit your contribution to the session S-VC12 Multidisciplinary volcano monitoring in the upcoming Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) Meeting (24-28 May 2015). This session is an international session in which everything is done in English. The venue of the meeting is in Chiba city, 35-minute train ride from the Tokyo station, 40-50 minute bus ride from either Haneda or Narita airports. 

We also plan to have a related workshop in Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, and a field trip before or after the JpGU meeting. We encourage you to participate in these events as well. 

S-VC12 Multidisciplinary volcano monitoring

Recent volcanic eruptions remind us of the importance of multidisciplinary monitoring to better forecast time, size, and duration of an eruption, as well as better understand the mechanics of magma transport resulting in an eruption or a failed eruption. This session discusses what we learn from monitoring of active volcanoes by multidisciplinary methods including, but not limited to, seismic, geodetic, acoustic, gas, and electromagnetic measurements and a combination of these, to gain more insights into the mechanics of magma transport at depth, that of effusive and explosive eruptions, and the predictability of them. We also intend to discuss the importance of stimulating international and intergovernmental collaboration through establishing open data access to relevant datasets.

The early submission deadline is 3 February 2015 and the usual submission deadline is 18 February 2015. Submit an abstract from 

Yosuke Aoki (Earthquake Research InstituteI, Univ. Tokyo)
Maurizio Ripepe (Dipartimento Scienze della Terra, Universita di Firenze)
Mie Ichihara (Earthquake Research Institute, Univ. Tokyo)

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