[unav_all] July 20 - Future Facilities report - Short window for comment

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Tue Jul 7 09:48:51 MDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Just a reminder of the very short window for comment on the Future Facilities in Geodesy and Seismology workshop report…..  Please read it and provide feedback!


Future Facilities in Geophysics Workshop Report Draft Available - Comments Welcome

Dear Geophysics community,

A working draft of the report: Future Geophysical Facilities Required to Address Grand Challenges in the Earth Sciences, is now available from: http://www.iris.edu/hq/files/workshops/2015/05/fusg/reports/FutureFacilities_Draft.pdf <http://www.iris.edu/hq/files/workshops/2015/05/fusg/reports/FutureFacilities_Draft.pdf>.

This report will represent an attempt to synthesize and distill the wide-range of contributions made by the community through webinars, white papers, workshop presentations and associated breakouts, and deliberations of the writing committee. The white papers and results from the workshop breakout groups are available from the main workshop page: http://www.iris.edu/hq/workshops/2015/05/future_seismic_and_geodetic_facility_needs_in_the_geosciences <http://www.iris.edu/hq/workshops/2015/05/future_seismic_and_geodetic_facility_needs_in_the_geosciences>.
The writing committee welcomes your comments to improve the report - especially any important omissions or obvious errors. We are working under a short fuse given the limited amount of time allotted between the workshop and when this report is presented to NSF on September 2, 2015. Thus, please send your detailed contributions to <facilityfuture at iris.edu <mailto:facilityfuture at iris.edu>> by July 20, 2015. To aid the writing committee, when making your comments please refer to a combination of section, page, and line numbers. 

We look forwards to your feedback,
The Writing Committee
Rick Aster (Editor), Colorado State University
Mark Simons (Editor), California Institute of Technology
Bill Hammond, University of Nevada, Reno
Steve Holbrook, University of Wyoming
Estelle Chaussard, University of California, Berkeley
Leigh Stearns, University of Kansas
Gary Egbert, Oregon State University
John Hole, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Thorne Lay, University of California, Santa Cruz
Steve McNutt, University of South Florida
Michael Oskin, University of California, Davis
Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico
David Schmidt, University of Washington
John Vidale, University of Washington
Lara Wagner, Carnegie Institution, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Paul Winberry, Central Washington University
Roland Burgmann, University of California, Berkeley
Natalya Gomez, McGill University

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