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Dear colleagues,

For those interested and actively working on earthquake source studies, please consider submitting an abstract to the 2015 AGU Fall session (S005) "Earthquake Source studies: Finite-fault inversion, modeling, data assimilation" (https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm15/preliminaryview.cgi/Session9109).

Note that the abstract submission deadline is Wednesday August 5 (23:59 EDT). We apologize if you receive this announcement multiple times and are looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco. 

Here are the details of this session:

Earthquake source studies: Finite-fault inversion, modeling, data assimilation
Session ID#: 9109
Session Description:
Earthquake source modeling using analytic solutions, numerical models, kinematic inversion and dynamic simulations enhances our understanding of fault mechanics and earthquake rupture processes. Seismic and geodetic instrumentation provide large data volumes to constrain earthquake source kinematics. Forward modeling, combined with data assimilation and inverse techniques, help to image earthquake sources, and to thus better understand coseismic properties and their relation to inter- and post- seismic phases.
This session discusses new approaches and latest findings in kinematic inversion and dynamic rupture modeling. We invite contributions covering rigorous uncertainty quantification and studies showing how uncertainties in the kinematic source representation affect interpretations relevant to post- and inter-seismic processes, dynamic rupture models, and ground motion simulation. We also solicit research related to the source inversion validation (SIV) benchmarks, as well as contributions from laboratory experiments that present ground-truth source measurements through innovative instrumentation and provide theoretical background for interpreting observations of natural faulting.
Primary Convener:  
Paul Martin Mai, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 
Lifeng Wang, CENC China Earthquake Networks Center, Beijing, China.
Jan Dettmer, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada
Chen Ji, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, United States 
Index Terms:

7209 Earthquake dynamics [SEISMOLOGY] 
7212 Earthquake ground motions and engineering seismology [SEISMOLOGY] 
7215 Earthquake source observations [SEISMOLOGY] 
7290 Computational seismology [SEISMOLOGY]

Martin, Lifeng, Jan, and Chen

Chen Ji
University of California, Santa Barbara

Chen Ji
Associate Professor of Geophysics
Department of Earth Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
TEL (805)-893-2923
FAX (805)-893-2314
Email: ji at geol.ucsb.edu

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