[unav_all] Nominations sought - 40 early career leaders in Geospatial Professions, Industries, and Sciences

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Dear Colleagues,

A UNAVCO staff member drew Gavin Schock’s posting to our attention. 

xyHt seeks nominations for 40 early career geospatial leaders by October 1.  Please consider putting forward worthy nominees!

Do you know of a promising candidate or candidates (domestic and/or international)? Do you know an educator, mentor, active and promising student, support specialist, product developer or scientist, or advocate for geospatial matters? Do you know of a geospatial practitioner or educator who is preserving the past (without insisting we live in it)? How about leadership in professional associations? It’s not just about how many committees one volunteers for, but more about who might really be making a difference, and maybe in unconventional ways. Do you know of entrepreneurs who are showing us a better way, developing and providing products and services that yield increased production, better results, and enhanced safety? We would like to profile folks that are really making difference, who are shining examples to inspire youth to choose to enter geospatial fields.

- See more at: http://www.xyht.com/uncategorized/xyhts-40-geospatial-leaders-under-40/#sthash.IJw5AtrS.dpuf

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