[unav_all] Fwd: Real-Time Earthquake Analysis for Disaster Mitigation: Focus on Pacific Rim

Diego Melgar dmelgar at berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 16 10:54:43 MDT 2015


We'd like to draw your attention to Session 8851, *Real-Time Earthquake
Analysis for Disaster Mitigation: Focus on Pacific Rim *at the AGU fall
meeting this year.

Invited speakers are:

Sergio Barrientos, Centro Sismologico Nacional, Chile
Tim Melbourne, Central Washington University
Yusaku Ohta, Tohoku University

Session description:

Currently more than 600 real-time GNSS stations operate throughout the
western U.S., established and maintained through multiple projects
including EarthScope/PBO, SCIGN, BARD and PANGA and in collaboration with
land surveyors. Data are increasingly being utilized for real-time
applications focused on disaster mitigation, including earthquake and
tsunami early warning, rapid source inversions, GPS meteorology, and
ionospheric monitoring of space weather events. This session solicits
contributions in the broad discipline of using GNSS for disaster
mitigation, particularly those with a focus on the western U.S. or greater
Pacific Rim. The session seeks to cover real-time topics including
monitoring, data analysis, rapid source modeling, and distribution of data
and products for emergency first responders and decision makers. The focus
is primarily GNSS data, derivative GNSS data products (e.g. ionospheric
tsunami detection and confirmation), combined GNSS and strong motion
displacement waveforms, and tidal and near-shore tsunami wave measurements.


Brendan Crowell, University of Washington
Diego Melgar, University of California Berkeley
Yehuda Bock, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Attila Komjathy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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