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We want to call your attention to this AGU session of interest. Please note
that an author can submit an additional abstract to the Public Affairs
section without it counting against the submission limit. Please consider
contributing to this very important session on moving your volcanic
research into societal impact and action.

*The abstract submission deadline is 5 August.*


*PA025: *
*Volcanic Eruptions and Volcanic Ash Plumes: Are We Better Prepared for the
Next One?*

*Session ID#: 9062*
*Session Description:*
Volcanoes present a variety of hazards on the local and global scale.
During a volcanic crisis, people are faced with specific decisions based on
the particular hazard they may be presented with.  These decisions are
often based on a cost-benefit analysis weighted by the perception of risk
and the perception of mitigating actions, which may vary depending on
socio-economic and political factors.  Given a growing understanding of
atmospheric and geologic processes resulting from advances in technology
and scientific instrumentation, our ability to monitor, model and forecast
volcanic events has dramatically improved in recent decades: progress which
has strengthened inputs into the decision making process regarding societal
impacts.  This session seeks to examine the interface between volcanic
research and monitoring, and societal response before, during and after a
volcanic eruption.

Primary Convener:
Hans N Lechner, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, United
Linda R Rowan, UNAVCO, Inc. Boulder, CO, United States
David J Schneider, USGS Alaska Volcano Observatory, Anchorage, AK, United

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