[unav_all] Call for Abstracts AGU 2015 - Session T017 Diversity of fault slip modes

Eric Lindsey elindsey at ucsd.edu
Fri Jul 17 16:29:53 MDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to AGU session T017: “Diversity of
fault slip modes and the interplay between seismic and aseismic behavior of
faults: insights from geodesy, geology and rock mechanics.”

The goal of this session is to explore how observations of natural faults
and experiments in the lab can lead to a mechanical description of the
seismogenic behavior of active faults. We seek a broad range of
contributions from experiment to geodesy, geology and seismology.

The abstract deadline is 23:59 EDT on the 5th August and may be submitted
via the following page:

Session Description:

Recent geodetic and seismological observations have highlighted the variety
of seismic and aseismic slip behavior along active faults in the shallow
crust. Recent techniques, including InSAR and GPS, allow quantification of
the broad range of slip rates at all spatial and temporal scales. Analysis
of these modes of slip has led to a preliminary mechanical description of
active faults. We welcome contributions combining geodetic, seismic,
geologic and/or laboratory-derived observations to explore the mechanical
processes leading to this variety of slip behaviors.

What is the spatial and temporal distribution of fault slip in various
tectonic settings? How stable is the partitioning between seismic and
aseismic slip? Can geodetic and geological measurements of slip help us
quantify fault properties and assess their temporal stability? How are
these effective properties related to field observations of deformation
mechanisms? What are the consequences for our understanding of the
interplay between seismic and aseismic slip?


Eric O Lindsey, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Marion Y Thomas, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Romain Jolivet, University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences

Invited speakers:

Naoki Uchida
Pascal Audet
Marcos Moreno
Yves Guglielmi


T - Tectonophysics
G - Geodesy
S - Seismology


The Tectonics and Structural Geology Division of EGU (EGU-TS) is
co-sponsoring this session.

We hope to see you there,

Eric, Marion and Romain
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