[unav_all] September 17 - 19: Sismo 85: 30 years after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Fri Jun 12 11:47:36 MDT 2015

On September 19th 1985 a portion of the subduction zone off-shore Michoacan, Mexico produced a magnitude 8.1 earthquake. Mexico City, almost 400 km away experienced heavy damage and casualties were estimated to be between 10,000 and 40,000. The earthquake redefined the community's understanding of seismic hazards. 

On the occasion of the event's 30th anniversary we'd like to invite you to submit an abstract to the "Sismo 85: Advances and challenges in seismology, engineering and risk management 30 years after the 1985 earthquake" symposium to be held at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) campus in Mexico CIty. 

Regular session's include:

** The seismic cycle
** Subduction zones
** Networks
** Seismic hazard
** Site effects
** Early warning
** Seismic design and structural safety
** Risk management

And there will be special sessions on:

** GPS and Lidar, new geodetic tools for earthquake studies
** Active tectonics and paleoseismology
** The science of tsunamis
** Regulation and planification
** Education, preparation and responses
** Information management and financial instruments
** Sustainable systems and their use in high seismicity regions
** Synthetic ground motion generation for earthquake engineering applications 
** Seismic studies with environmental noise

Abstract submission is now open through the event web page <http://www.sismo85.org.mx/index_ing.html>.
DEADLINE for abstract submission: June 15th

See you there!

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