[unav_all] Gorkha earthquake response - update

Meghan Miller meghan at unavco.org
Wed May 6 06:53:06 MDT 2015

Dear UNAVCO stakeholders,

Just a quick update on the UNAVCO response to the April 25 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal.   

First and foremost, this event has devastated on the people of Nepal and a large international community of visitors; the death toll recently approached 7,500.   In our response, we continue to be mindful of and deferential to the humanitarian needs and their precedence in the call on in-country resources.

We have received requests to support downloads of approximately two dozen GPS stations within Nepal, and that work is in progress.   These are stations that were not on telecommunications during or after the earthquake, but were likely collecting high-rate data.  John Galetzka is in-country and actively pursuing download of available data from these stations, working closely with Jeff Genrich who is coming to UNAVCO's assistance in support of this project.   The data files are being archived at UNAVCO as they are collected, the ARIA project at JPL is providing data analysis, and the files are available to all on the UNAVCO archive.   

Many thanks Jean-Phillipe Avouac for making the data sets available, and to NSF and NASA for supporting the plan to undertake these downloads!

Jim Normandeau (copied above) is now the person to go to for any requests that you might have relative to earthquake response.    

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