[unav_all] NCALM lidar Seed Project proposal deadline: December 4

Christopher Crosby crosby at unavco.org
Thu Nov 12 20:53:56 MST 2015

Details on applying for a 2015 NCALM student Seed Project via Bill Dietrich:


We have shifted the annual NCALM Seed project proposal deadline to December 4.  

Since its inception NCALM has supported 98 Seed projects! 

The NCALM Data Tracking Center shows where we have flown. Each Seed Project is noted (http://calm.geo.berkeley.edu/ncalm/dtc.html) and all projects are linked to OpenTopography for data downwload.

We welcome proposals across the earth sciences from tectonics, volcanology, earth surface processes, ecohydrology and more.

 As stated on the NCALM web page (http://ncalm.cive.uh.edu/seed/about)

 “The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping surveys up to ten projects every year (each generally covering no more than 40 km2) for graduate student PIs who desire Airborne Laser Swath Mapping (ALSM) data. Students can also request high resolution aerial photography in conjunction with the ALSM collection. Graduate student proposals must define a basic research question in the geosciences (broadly defined). No financial support is provided to the student, but it is hoped that the data from projects selected in this program will enable new research opportunities and lead to successful proposals for future research.”

Go to the web page for proposal guidelines- just three pages are required.

Please share this message with anyone who may be interested. 

 December 4.  Apply!

William E. Dietrich 
Department of Earth and Planetary Science 
University of California 
Berkeley, CA 94720-4767 

Co-Director of the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping
Director, Eel River Critical Zone Observatory 

Christopher Crosby
Geodetic Imaging & OpenTopography Project Manager
6350 Nautilus Dr., Boulder, CO 80301
303.381.7564 (o)  |  480.220.3200 (c)

crosby at unavco.org

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