[unav_all] IRIS Webinar: Building a community project: the experience of the Eastern North America Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment (Wednesday, 12/2, 2 PM Eastern)

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Mon Nov 30 08:33:27 MST 2015

Please register for "Building a community project: the experience of the 
Eastern North America Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment" on 
Wednesday December 2, 2015 2:00 PM EST at: 

Presenter: Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing 
information on how to attend. Please note that the webinar software 
limits attendance to 100 participants; join the webinar early in case it 
is oversubscribed. Recorded webinars are typically posted shortly 
afterwards at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD4D607C2FA317E6D

Description of the ENAM project taken from the GeoPRISMS website:

The goal of the Eastern North American Margin Community Seismic 
Experiment is to understand the breakup of ancient continents that led 
to the formation of the eastern edge of North America and the Atlantic 
Ocean and the later evolution of this continental margin by landslides 
and other active processes. A record of these geological events is 
stored in the rocks offshore North Carolina. We have collected active 
and passive, onshore and offshore seismic data to image geological 
structures at a range of scales to learn about the evolution of 
continental margins and their geohazards.

This project involved the following major components:

  *      Deploying broadband ocean bottom seismometers (OBS) across the
    continental margin for one year with the R/V Endeavor (April 2014)
  *      Deploying broadband seismometers on the Outer Banks to connect
    between EarthScope stations and the offshore array (May 2014)
  *      Acquiring marine seismic reflection data across the margin with
    the R/V Marcus G. Langseth (Sept-Oct 2014)
  *      Deploying short-period OBS across the margin with the R/V
    Endeavor to record the Langseth’s seismic source (Sept-Oct 2014)
  *      Deploying short-period seismometers onshore to record the
    Langseth’s seismic source (Sept-Oct 2014)
  *      Acquiring onshore active-source seismic data (summer 2015)

This is an academic project funded by the NSF-GeoPRISMS program. The 
U.S. science community selected the margins off North Carolina and 
Virginia as an ideal place to gather this data set. The selection of 
this region and the design of the seismic study were guided by input 
from the US scientific community through workshops and online forums. A 
large group of scientists are spear-heading the effort to collect and 
disseminate these data. The data are open to public and are useful for 
studying a large range of fundamental geological processes. The project 
also involved a large training and outreach component, bringing students 
and young scientists to sea and holding short training courses and 

More information can be found at 

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