[unav_all] NASA ROSES solicitation: Understanding the Linkages Among Fluvial and Solid Earth Hazards

Bawden, Gerald W (HQ-DK000)[Affiliate] gerald.w.bawden at nasa.gov
Mon Apr 11 11:57:19 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to bring your attention to a NASA ROSES solicitation NNH16ZDA001N-IDS (A.28) – Interdisciplinary Science Subelement 3: Understanding the Linkages Among Fluvial and Solid Earth Hazards
In this subelement, NASA requests proposals that move beyond the study of individual hazards and investigate the fundamental process, critical preconditioning parameters, and the tipping points that are associated with triggering either a secondary hazard or a series of cascading hazards through the integration of space-based remote sensing data with in situ observations and computer modeling. The goals of this solicitation are (1) to advance our fundamental understanding about the linkage between and among hydrology and solid Earth hazards, (2) to develop predictive models that identify possible solid Earth-hydrology related cascading hazards and estimate their scale, spatial magnitude, and location (as appropriate for the hazard) based on the initial trigger event and relevant preconditioning observations and, (3) to develop hydro-topography scaling parameters that transform our understanding of local processes and address regional and global sediment transport and mass wasting processes.
Successful proposals to this subelement will (1) develop an interdisciplinary research approach that incorporates representative members of the solid Earth, terrestrial hydrology, and modeling communities and (2) will exploit the unique role that satellite and airborne remote sensing data can play in understanding the causes and impacts of these "downstream" events.
Closing date:  29-Sept-2016
More information can be found at: https://nspires.nasaprs.com/external/
Search for the “IDS” in the open solicitations.
Best wishes,
Dr. Gerald Bawden
Program Scientist for Natural Hazards Research
NASA HQ — Earth Science Division
Earth Surface and Interior and Water and Energy Cycle Focus Areas
email: Gerald.W.Bawden at NASA.gov

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