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Fri Apr 22 10:31:01 MDT 2016

Good morning,

The following from IRIS may be of interest to many of you who teach. Note
that UNAVCO work is incorporated into this animation, along with
information about tectonics, the earthquake itself, landslides, and
building responses.

Monday, April 25th marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating M7.8
earthquake in Nepal. IRIS has put together a short animation that discusses
the evolution of the Himalaya in a broad tectonic context and  then focuses
more closely on the 2015 Nepal earthquake.


We have also created a special page with additional relevant educational
content including animations detailing convergent plate boundaries, the
formation of the Himalayas, building resonance, and ground motion during
the earthquake. Also included are the Recent Earthquake Teachable Moment,
an interactive map showing the earthquake sequence and technical scientific
information about this earthquake.




Beth Bartel
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