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Rowena Lohman rolohman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 11:40:50 MDT 2016

Dear UNAVCO community,

As you may be aware, UNAVCO and IRIS are working together to craft
coordinated responses to NSF's NGEO solicitation for community seismic and
geodetic facilities.  As part of this process, two members of the board
 (David Sandwell and Adrian Borsa) identified potential conflicts of
interest and felt that it was best for UNAVCO's interests that they step
down from their positions on the board.  According to UNAVCO bylaws, the
board can appoint replacements until the next membership meeting -  we
asked John LaBrecque, who agreed to serve on the board for the remainder of
this year.

Ramon Arrowsmith's recent email requested nominations for the UNAVCO board
of directors (deadline August 31), so the loss of Adrian's and David's
expertise is something that the community may wish to consider.  The board
is also faced with a growing problem in how the terms are staggered;
currently six and three directors are elected in alternate years.  Solving
this problems will require a vote of the membership on a further refinement
of the bylaws.  We hope to complete this prior to finalizing the board
slate.  The change would allow for one of the upcoming Institutional
Director and one of the upcoming At-Large Directors to have only a one-year
term, instead of two years.

Please look for a message from Jaime Magliocca with your online voting

Rowena Lohman
Chair, UNAVCO board of directors


Rowena Lohman
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Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
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