[unav_all] 2016 AfricaArray geophysics field school announcement

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From Professor Webb:

Dear All,

Please find attached the application form for the AfricaArray International Geophysics Field School.  Please pass this email on to anyone that you think might be interested.

The dates are as follows:
June 18 - July 09, 2016

In order to be considered for sponsorship, you must submit a complete application form, a scan of your passport - which MUST be valid, list of university courses and marks, a summary of your work experience and a letter of motivation.

The ideal field school candidate is someone with a geophysical background, but limited to no field experience that has access to equipment that can be used once they return to their home country.  Please briefly detail in your letter of motivation what field experience you have and what equipment you have available once you return home.

Please note that competition is fierce and that incomplete or incomprehensible applications WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!

A primary criteria for evaluation will be:
1) Professionalism of the documents (no spelling errors etc.).
2) A letter of motivation detailing how the field school will affect your department i.e. do you have equipment you are not using because you don't know how to design field surveys?  Do you have a program whereby junior (or senior) staff assist with university teaching and are helping to start a field school?

Only one person from each uni/geological survey/company will generally be accepted, advice of the HOD will be sought as to which applicant will have the most impact on the department.

It is occasionally possible to accommodate active professionals who are sponsored by a company.  Please contact me about costs for attending on a commercial basis if you are interested.

We will be making decisions as soon as we find out if we have SEG funding, this is likely to be in late May.  Time will be short.  It is essential that you know the procedures for obtaining a VISA and that everything is in order.  If there are any delays you may be passed over for the next person on the list.

Many thanks for all of your interest in the AfricaArray Geophysics Field School.


Prof. Susan J. Webb                                        Phn:  +27 11 717 6606 <tel:%2B27%2011%20717%206606>
School of Geosciences                               Fax:  +27 11 717 6579 <tel:%2B27%2011%20717%206579>
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