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Sun Feb 21 11:43:11 MST 2016

Interested in learning how to deliver interpretive programs to the public? The Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training and certification workshop is being held in Arizona March 7-10 at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in Superior, AZ (1 hour east of Phoenix). 

This 32-hour course includes:

history, definition, and principles of interpretation
making your programs purposeful, enjoyable, relevant, organized, and thematic
using tangible objects to connect audiences to intangible ideas and universal concepts in interpretive programs
presentation and communication skills
certification requirements (open book exam; program outline; 10-min. presentation)
all materials, workbook, and CIG course textbook
Why become a CIG?

The CIG is an internationally recognized professional certification. Many potential employers and volunteer recruiters actively seek certified interpreters. Workshop participants are expected to:

attend entire workshop
provide own meals and lodging
complete a 50-question open book literature review
produce a one-page presentation outline - Trainers will allow sufficient time for coaching individual participants prior to grading outline
deliver a ten-minute thematic interpretive talk on last day of workshop - trainers will ensure each participant has the opportunity to review content and techniques of talk with a trainer prior to presenting
Cost, per Participant:
Instruction: $55/day x 4 days = $220
CIG Certification Fee: $80
NAI Membership (1 Year): $50 (already an NAI member, pay $0)
CIG Workbook: $10
TOTAL: $360 ($310 if already NAI member)

Special Rate for College Students:
NAI Student Membership (1 Year): $25 (instead of $50)
TOTAL: $335

For more information and to register:

http://www.interpnet.com/nai/nai/_certification/CIG_Workshops/CIG-2016-03-Arizona.aspx <http://www.interpnet.com/nai/nai/_certification/CIG_Workshops/CIG-2016-03-Arizona.aspx>
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