[unav_all] Western North America Neotectonics Session at GAC-MAC, Whitehorse, June 1-3 2016

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Dear Colleagues

We invite submissions to the session “Investigating crustal neotectonics on the western margin of North America” (description below) at the 2016 GAC-MAC Conference (“Margins through Time”), Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, June 1-3 2016. Abstracts will be accepted from January 1-31, 2016 through the conference website: http://whitehorse2016.ca/ <http://whitehorse2016.ca/>
Session: Investigating crustal neotectonics on the western margin of North America
Convenors: Lucinda Leonard (University of Victoria), Kristin Morell (University of Victoria), Lisa Nykolaishen (Natural Resources Canada), Michael Schmidt (Arctic Institute of North America)
In western North America, crustal seismicity indicates that plate boundary deformation is distributed over a wide region inboard of the current margin. The processes and structures involved in the accumulation of crustal strain remain poorly understood and likely include reactivation of previous plate margin faults. Over much of North America, the identification of active crustal faults is hampered by sparse seismic and geodetic networks, a lack of exposed Plio-Quaternary sediments that could preserve offsets, and a recent glacial history that precludes the use of many traditional tectonic-geomorphic methods. In this session, we seek contributions that address these challenges, leveraging old and new datasets to better characterize the style, mechanisms and rates of crustal neotectonics. We aim to bring together Earth scientists who investigate crustal deformation in western North America on a variety of temporal and spatial scales, in fields that could include geomorphology, geochronology, structural geology, geodesy, geophysics, geodynamics, seismology, and paleoseismology.
June is an excellent time to visit Whitehorse and its spectacular surroundings including the St. Elias Mountains – we hope to see you there! 

Please also share this session information with your colleagues and students.

Abstract submission deadline is looming (January 31st).

On Behalf of my co-convenors hope to see you there!



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