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Gee, Lind lgee at usgs.gov
Mon Jan 25 11:21:45 MST 2016

The US Geological Survey (USGS), Earthquake Monitoring Project (EMP), has 4
open positions for Electronics Technicians.  3 Electronics Technician
positions are within the Northern California Seismic Network (NCSN) group;
the 4th position is for a Radio Frequency Electronic Technician within the
Communications, Engineering, Research and Development (CERD) group.   The
positions are located in Menlo Park, California.

The USGS Earthquake Monitoring Project works in collaboration with the UC
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for recording and monitoring seismic
activity in Northern California.  The NCSN consists of approximately 600
stations, dedicated telemetry systems, and numerous real-time, analysis and
notification computer systems.  The EMP also oversees the National Strong
Motion Project, which installs and operates instrumentation in structures
such as buildings, dams, and bridges whose response to strong shaking is of
interest to the engineering community.

The Electronics Technician incumbents are responsible for the design,
installation, operation, and maintenance of the field equipment of the
NCSN. This work is performed in collaboration with USGS and other partner
personnel. The incumbents are responsible for a wide variety of equipment
used for seismic monitoring, data acquisition, power, computer networking,
and communications. This equipment is located throughout northern and
central California, including at remote sites in a wide variety of

The Radio Frequency Electronic Technician’s position primary duties will be
support, development and deployment of communications systems for all
components within the EMP including satellite telecommunications, microwave
telemetry systems, VHF, UHF and spread spectrum radio systems, and other
systems such as cellular communications.  The incumbent is also responsible
for the management and maintenance of power systems and environmental
infrastructure for telemetry and seismological equipment.

The selected employees will jump into an exciting work environment where
they will contribute to Earthquake Early Warning activities and the upgrade
and installation of new instrumentation, the expansion and upgrade of
volcano monitoring efforts, and an overhaul of the telemetry backbone of
the network.

If you are interested, apply online at USAjobs.gov.  More detail about the
positions is available there.

The NCSN positions are under two announcement numbers and close at midnight
Feb 1, 2915:

·                   SAC-2016-0057 for current and recent federal employees,

·                  SAC-2016-0059 for all US citizens.

The CERD position is under two announcement numbers and closes at midnight
Feb 19, 2015:

·                  SAC-2016-0061 for current and recent federal employees

·                  SAC-2016-0049 for all US citizens

The positions are GS-0856-09/10/11.  US citizenship is required.

Best wishes

Lind S. Gee
U.S. Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Road - MS 977
Menlo Park, CA 94025

lgee at usgs.gov
650-329-4732 fax
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