[unav_all] AGU session "G004: Geodetic Measurements of the Earth's Elastic Response to Surface Mass Variability"

Yuning Fu yfu at bgsu.edu
Mon Jul 18 11:42:55 MDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to our geodesy session "G004: Geodetic Measurements of the Earth's Elastic Response to Surface Mass Variability" at the 2016 AGU fall meeting in San Francisco. Please consider submitting an abstract to this session, and forwarding this message to your colleagues.

Abstract submission deadline: 3 August, 2016.

Session Description:
Surface mass variability causes the Earth to respond elastically, resulting in deformations of the crust. Modern geodetic tools, including GPS, InSAR, and Gravimetry can measure these types of lithosphere loading deformations at a high-accuracy. Here, we invite presentations that bridge geodetic observations of surface deformation and mass movement on land, in the ocean, the cryosphere and the atmosphere with elastic loading theory. This includes, but is not limit to, predicting surface deformation based on numerical modeling or independent loading data, and comparing it to the geodetic measurements; we particularly welcome presentations making use of geodetic measurements of deformation in local- to global-scale applications, to infer surface loading variations, decipher elastic and non-elastic deformation signals, or aim at refining the Earth structure models. The session intends to enhance geodesy's applications to the fields of hydrology, cryospheric and solid Earth studies.

Invited Speakers:
Charles Meertens, UNAVCO
Estelle Chaussard, State University of NY at Buffalo

Yuning Fu, Bowling Green State University
Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Technical University of Denmark
Ingo Sasgen, Alfred-Wegener-Institute Bremerhaven
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