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Rui Fernandes rui at segal.ubi.pt
Mon Jun 13 06:00:22 MDT 2016

     We would like to remind you about the deadline for submitting the abstracts 
for the next WEGENER conference: 30 June 2016
     Due to additional support of the Tourism of Azores, we are also extending 
the offer of a special gift to the 100 first submitted abstracts.

*12-15 September 2016, Ponta Delgada, Portugal


Following a tradition starting in the eighties, the WEGENER conference will 
bring together scientists working on geodynamic and tectonic processes all over 
the world. Abstracts are encouraged based on the following topics:

  * Current Plate Motions, Inter and Intraplate Deformation with a Focus on
    Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East;
  * Continental Faulting and Earthquake Cycle;
  * Elastic surface displacements, surface and satellite gravity observations,
    global and regional sea-level change;
  * Data and infrastructures, Instrumentation & Co-location for continuous
    monitoring of the changing Earth;
  * Transient signals in Geodetic Time Series: detection and modeling;
  * Magmatic Processes.

WEGENER 2016 will take place on an emblematic location: the Azores Triple 
Junction, where Africa, North America, and Eurasia meet.

More information about important dates, venue and registration available at the 
conference website: http://wegener.segal.ubi.pt/

Please, disseminate this announcement among your colleagues!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
         Rui Fernandes

(apologies for multiple posting)
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