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Miklius, Asta asta at usgs.gov
Tue Jun 14 18:47:18 MDT 2016

As a Physical Science Technician within the Volcano Science Center, Hawaii
Volcano Observatory in Hawaii National Park, some of the specific duties

   - Assembles, tests, calibrates, installs and maintains complex
   geophysical network instruments for measuring volcanic and seismic data.
   - Operates computers, servers, and peripheral data processing equipment
   to store, retrieve, and analyze recorded data and databases. Independently
   identifies recurring and new data and problems.
   - Recognizes, interprets and resolves deviations in data collected.
   Interprets results of collected data, organizes information and prepares
   data and results for project reports and research manuscripts.
   - Assists scientists on field phases of geophysical data collection
   volcano and eruption response studies. Participates in geophysical field
   surveys and leads field crews, and enters and maintains survey records.
   Performs basic data reduction and evaluates data for accuracy and relevance
   to volcano monitoring goals.
   - Serves rotational watch duty as needed during periods of increased
   precursory or eruptive activity.
   - Fieldwork requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion such
   as lifting and handling heavy equipment (up to 80 lbs), pushing heavy items
   on carts and hand trucks, hiking, digging, lifting, bending, mixing and
   pouring concrete and removing vegetation. Operates a 4x4 vehicle over rough
   terrain and roads, and travels by helicopter to access remote sites. Field
   work involves moderate to high risks and discomforts, such as exposure to
   rain, snow, wind, cold, hot and humid weather, high altitudes (up to 13,680
   ft) and basaltic lava flows, fountains and volcanic gas.
   - Laboratory work has exposure to high levels of noise, or irritant
   fumes or chemicals.

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Asta Miklius
USGS-Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
P.O. Box 51
Hawai`i National Park, HI 96718
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