[unav_all] Postdoc Opportunity, Scripps Inst. of Oceangraphy: Analysis of Ross Ice Shelf GPS Array Data

Peter Bromirski pbromirski at ucsd.edu
Thu Mar 24 14:08:10 MDT 2016

Postdoc Opportunity at Scripps Institution of Oceanography:
Analysis of Ross Ice Shelf GPS Array Data
A 13-station geodetic GPS array was installed on the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) during Oct.-Nov. 2015 to make in situ 1 Hz observations of both lateral and vertical ice shelf motions. The GPS stations were co-located with previously deployed broadband seismic stations in an array oriented roughly orthogonal to the shelf front, with coverage extending 415 km southward towards the grounding zone. The goals of this experiment are to investigate spatial variability of vertical motions of the RIS due to tidal and ocean wave energy in the sub-shelf water cavity, atmospheric forcing, and deviations from steady horizontal flow––including episodic rift motions which may be associated with icequakes observable by the co-located seismic instruments. One year of continuous broadband seismometer data spanning Nov. 2014 to Nov. 2015 has been recovered from the 34-station seismic array (https://scripps.ucsd.edu/centers/iceshelfvibes/), with recovery of GPS data and the subsequent year of seismic data planned for 2016.
A postdoctoral appointment is available to investigate differential vertical and horizontal motions of the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) from the analysis of in situ geodetic GPS data. Experience with dual-frequency GPS/GNSS post-processing using DGPS and/or PPP methods is required, as is a strong background in statistical and time series analysis. Some background in seismology, continuum mechanics, and/or fluid dynamics would be beneficial.
Recent Ph.D. graduates with interest in ocean-ice shelf interactions and experience with GPS data processing are encouraged to apply. The anticipated start date is August 1, so that the candidate can participate in the Oct.-Nov. 2016 Antarctic field recovery. The appointment will be yearly, based on mutual agreement. Additional information about potential RIS research topics can be obtained upon request or by visiting the project website.
Peter Gerstoft
Peter D. Bromirski
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego
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