[unav_all] PhD opportunity at the Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti : official announcement

Jean-Pierre Barriot jean-pierre.barriot at upf.pf
Tue May 24 20:02:05 MDT 2016

Subject to thesis in geodesy at the Geodesy Observatory Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Duration: 3 years, from October 1, 2016
Financing: 1463 euros / month after taxes + possibility of paid teaching hours (teaching is in French)
Location: University of French Polynesia, Tahiti (www.upf.pf)
Supervisor: Prof. JeanPierre Barriot. The PhD is awarded under the French requirements and benefits (same as in mainland France).

Subject: The propagation delays of radio signals in microwave bands (S, X and K) caused by the atmospheric water vapor remain an area of active research in space geodesy, with applications in GPS, VLBI, radio tracking of space craft in the solar system, but also in meteorology and climatology.
We will start this work by a review of all the possible techniques to measure, from time scales of a few seconds to time scales of several hours, the water vapor contents of the atmosphere, ie GPS delays, radiometry of the sky temperature, photometry in infrared band and balloon radiosoundings.
 After this first phase, We will do a comparative analysis of the "mapping functions" used in orbitography software like GIPSY-OASIS, Bernese, Gamit and GINS to model these wet time delays. In a last step, we will validate, at the light of the previous steps, and from 15 years of GPS and radiosounding time series available at our site, a 3D "mapping function" recently developed in-house, which allows both to correct the time delay and infer the variation in time and space of the water contents of the atmosphere above the radiofrequency receiver.
 If time permits, a last step may be dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the photometry of water vapor in infrared band.

Applications must include:
- A cover letter,
- Curriculum,
- Reference Letters,
- Marks of Bachelor and Master,
- The phone number of your  master internship supervisor or equivalent,
- TOEFL mark or equivalent for non-native English speakers.

A good knowledge of a programming language is imperative (FORTRAN, C, Python) as well as a sufficient command of the English language.

A basic command of the French language will help for the day-to-day life, but it is not a prerequisite.

Deadline for applications: 5 June 2016

Decision mid-June

No nationality requirement

Tahiti is an autonomous overseas territory of France in the South Pacific, with its own visa requirements.

The Geodesy Observatory of Tahiti is a joint observatory of the French Space Agency (CNES), NASA, and the University of French Polynesia, and is part of the ILRS, IGS, IDS and PMSL networks of the International Association of Geodesy.
It operates under the umbrella of GGOS (Global Geodetic Observing Network)

Enquiries and email address for applications: jean-pierre.barriot at upf.pf

Please send only *one* consolidated pdf document of less than 4 MBytes, with an ID picture.

J-Pierre Barriot
Dir. Geodetic Observatory Tahiti

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