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Mon Sep 5 07:14:21 MDT 2016

Opportunity for a postdoctoral fellowship in Space Geodesy

Candidates are invited to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship with a focus on 
time series analysis of data from a dual-frequency GNSS array of at least 50 
permanent stations, in conjunction with seismic and gravity data, within a wide 
transect crossing sedimentary basins located to the east of the Andean Orogeny, 
in southeast and center west Brazil. Required tasks will consist of monitoring 
differential horizontal displacements, vertical motions (uplift/subsidence) and 
solid Earth tide motions at ground-fixed sites, after pre-processing procedures 
to correct for common errors and disturbances in orbit, signal delays through 
the ionosphere and troposphere, effects of tides and of subsurface hydrological 
load mass changes. Dynamic geodetic models of ground displacements and 
deformations linked to seismological and gravitational information will be used 
to infer the rheology and tectonic structure of the underlying lithosphere, as 
well as other correlations to be attempted with elastic thickness, plate 
undulation, brittle crustal layer, seismogenic layer thickness, structural 
grain and deep mechanical coupling of the crust. The work will be conducted at 
INPE`s Space Geophysics Department (www.dge.inpe.br/en) in São José dos Campos, 
São Paulo, Brazil (www.sjc.sp.gov.br), complementing inter-disciplinary studies 
of the thematic project (Pantanal-­Chaco-­Paraná Basins: Crust and Upper Mantle 
Seismic Structure and Evolution) detailed at the 
www.moho.iag.usp.br/about/projects/PCPB site. The approved fellowship from 
FAPESP (www.fapesp.br/en/) consists of an initial two-year appointment followed 
by an extension of two more possible periods of one year each, contingent on 
mutual interests and performance. Besides the monthly stipend, there are funds 
for family moving and round-trip tickets, and to attend scientific meetings. 
Candidates with a Ph.D. degree, awarded within 7 years of date of appointment, 
and having a strong background in processing, analyses and applications of GNSS 
data are encouraged to apply by submitting online a CV that shows their current 
research record in geodesy and one-page text describing their interest, 
motivation, and potential contribution to this research project, and a list of 
three references for recommendations. Appointment may begin as early as 
January, 2017. Review of applications will start in September 2016 and may 
continue until the position is filled. Send emails to icaro.vitorello at inpe.br 
for additional information on the research, the fellowship and application 

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