[unav_all] Opportunity to attend four place-based webinars and submit white papers on Subduction Zone Observatories

Andy Frassetto andyf at iris.edu
Tue Sep 13 09:09:54 MDT 2016

On September 29-October 1, a Workshop on Subduction Zone Observatories 
is being held to gather community input to NSF on a potential suite of 
activities needed to address a wide range of scientific questions 
associated with subduction zones. More information about the meeting can 
be found at the following link: 

*Anyone may submit white papers to the workshop website until 9/23.*

In preparation for the SZO workshop there will be four webinars (from 
September 20th-22nd) focused on different groups of subduction zones 
around the world. These are open to anyone who would like to participate 
even if you cannot make the workshop. The goal of these webinars is 
three fold: 1) to get people thinking before the workshop about what 
scientific targets would be most important to potentially pursue in 
different locations; 2) to collect input from scientists who will not be 
at the workshop; 3) to begin discussing ways that international 
collaborations might be enhanced in those regions. Each webinar will 
involve a few short presentations about possible SZO opportunities and 
then time for open discussion. The webinars are being organized by small 
groups of workshop attendees who will summarize the discussion at the 
workshop and provide input to the workshop report. Based on the workshop 
applications, a number of regions have widespread interest for future 
work, and we have grouped them into four webinars based on logistical 

*Webinar Schedule (all dates/times Eastern Time Zone, U.S.):*

  * Cascadia and Alaska, Tuesday 9/20, 3pm:
  * Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Wednesday 9/21, 11am:
  * New Zealand and Japan, Wednesday 9/21, 4pm:
  * Latin America, Thursday 9/22, 3pm:

*Please register using the links above only if you plan to attend that 
specific webinar. **Webinars will open 15 minutes before the scheduled 
start time and will only hold the first 100 arrivals...so don't be 
late.* Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions/comments 
which will be read aloud by the webinar moderator. The webinar software 
runs on Mac OS X and Windows.

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