[unav_all] August 2017 Short Course - InSAR Processing and Theory with GMTSAR

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Sat Apr 1 15:11:00 MDT 2017

InSAR Processing and Theory with GMTSAR: Sentinel-1A Time Series

This 2.5 day course will cover the theory and application of InSAR with GMTSAR. Lectures and exercises will be given to teach the basic theoretical aspects of InSAR. Labs will include software installation, running test data sets for standard interferogram formation as well as more advanced processing for time series of Sentinel-1A TOPS-mode data.

Instructors: David Sandwell, Rob Mellors, Paul Wessel, Xiaohua Xu, Scott Baker, and Katia Tymofyeyeva
Audience: Graduate students and researchers
Dates: 16-18 August, 2017
Location: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California
Students may apply for financial support through UNAVCO. See webpage for more information.   

For more information please visit: http://www.unavco.org/education/advancing-geodetic-skills/short-courses/2016/insar-gmtsar/insar-gmtsar.html <http://www.unavco.org/education/advancing-geodetic-skills/short-courses/2016/insar-gmtsar/insar-gmtsar.html>

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