[unav_all] Four post-doctoral positions available at CW3E

Adrian Borsa aborsa at ucsd.edu
Thu Aug 3 16:43:04 MDT 2017

The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is advertising 4 new post-doctoral positions, including one targeting terrestrial water storage that may be of interest to the UNAVCO community.  Direct inquires to CW3E position coordinator, Dr. Julie Kalansky (jkalansky at ucsd.edu <mailto:jkalansky at ucsd.edu>).

Position 3: Terrestrial Water Storage

We seek a postdoctoral researcher to investigate variability in regional terrestrial water storage, including groundwater and snowpack, as revealed by a growing archive of GPS crustal displacements collected throughout California and across the United States. The GPS-inferred water storage contains variability over a range of time scales, much of which is driven by extreme events from synoptic scale storm activity to interannual wet and dry spells. Regionally, the high density of the GPS network may afford resolution at 10’s of km scales and thus provide new insight into catchment water balances. This investigation will require synthesis and comparison with other observational data, along with model-simulated hydrological variability. The postdoc will use the GPS data for information about snowpack and groundwater and relate these to weather and climate events. As part of the project, the postdoc may develop online tools for tracking this information for decision support. Support for this position will come from CW3E, in partnering with CNAP (cnap.ucsd.edu) and the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (igpp.ucsd.edu). The postdoc should be familiar with climate and hydrological phenomena in western North America.  

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