[unav_all] GNSS Research Position: Boulder CO, National Geodetic Survey

Andria Bilich - NOAA Federal andria.bilich at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 14 09:11:02 MDT 2017

The Geosciences Research Division of the National Geodetic Survey/NOS/NOAA
is looking to hire a Senior GNSS Researcher to work in our office in
Boulder, Colorado.  The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or national. The
duties will include:

   - Developing physical models that accurately describe the orbital
   mechanics of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), the propagation of
   their radio signals, and the dynamics of national and international GNSS
   tracking networks to improve GNSS data processing software.
   - Developing, testing, maintaining, and refining NGS' GNSS software in
   order to improve station positioning, GNSS orbit estimation, and reference
   frame maintenance.
   - Presenting the results of GNSS research at various national and
   international meetings, and in journals.

The announcement opened on Friday August 11th, 2017 and *will close on
Friday, August 25, 2017*. Apply soon via the link below.  First time
applicants can create a new USAJOBS account using the link at the top of
the announcement web page.

The vacancy number is: NOS-NGS-2017-0028


For applicants who are currently U.S. Federal Employees, you should also
apply using the link below:

The vacancy number is NOS-NGS-2017-0003 for federal employees:

Dr. Andria Bilich
Geosciences Research Division
National Geodetic Survey / NOS / NOAA
(e) Andria.Bilich at noaa.gov
(w) 303-497-5095; (f) 303-497-4659
325 Broadway St. N/NGS, Boulder, CO 80305
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