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*The 14th Annual Meeting of AOGS*

(Asia Oceania Geosciences Society)

will be held in *Singapore* for the week *August 6-11, 2017*.

If you work on waves and oscillations in the “coupled” Earth system,

please consider submitting an abstract to the session IG-05.

*IG05 - Coupling in the Whole Earth System*

*Session scope: *
Earthquakes and volcanoes generate signals in the atmosphere and the

and typhoons and tornadoes generate ground motions in the solid earth,

showing that many phenomena transcend the traditional boundaries of earth

These data provide new opportunities to study processes that have not yet
been explored.

We propose to gather presentations from various disciplines that show the

among the atmosphere, the oceans and the solid earth and discuss the nature

these coupling processes  and their mechanisms. This may include seismic,
infrasonic, electromagnetic, and earth rotation data but other data are
also welcome.

*The abstract is due on Feb. 15, 2017*. For more information, please check


Invited speakers are

Prof. Victor Tsai (Caltech, Pasadena)

Prof. Lou-Chuang Lee (Academia Sinica, Taipei)

Prof. Sidao Ni (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan)


Toshiro Tanimoto (UCSB)

Kosuke Heki (Hokkaido University)

Emmy Chang (National Taiwan University)

Mei Xue (Tongji University)
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