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Dear colleagues,

The joint Scientific Assembly of IAG (International Association of 
Geodesy) and IASPEI (International Association of Seismology and Physics 
of the Earth's Interior) will be held at the Kobe International 
Conference Center, Japan, from July 30 through August 4, 2017.

The proposed scientific program consists of in total 43 symposia (7 IAG, 
27 IASPEI and 9 Joint symposia). Among them, you may be interested in

IAG Symposium *G02 Static gravity field
*(Conveners: R. Pail, L. Vitushkin, H. Abd-Elmotaal, M. Sideris)
__Description:_ Global and regional static gravity field models of high 
accuracy and spatial resolution encapsulate important information for a 
wide range of applications. Input to these models are on the one hand 
data satellite-based data, especially from dedicated space missions such 
as GRACE, GOCE and next-generation missions in the future, satellite 
altimetry and ground, air- and shipborne data. The development of such 
gravity models requires effective combination of these data applying 
advanced methods on global down to local scale. Modern developments of 
sensor technology both, for ground-and satellite-based systems, and new 
measurement concepts, such as quantum gravimeters and optical clocks, 
will in the near future complement and support gravity campaigns and 
networks using absolute, superconducting and other relative gravimeters.
Static gravity field models are essential for the unification of the 
existing height systems around the world and the establishment of an 
International Height Reference System (IHRS), inertial navigation, the 
derivation of the mean dynamic ocean topography and geostrophic ocean 
currents (in combination with satellite altimetry), and also for 
constraining geophysical models of lithospheric structures.

This session solicits contributions that focus on all aspects of

  * (1) global high-resolution static gravity model developments and
    assessment, from methodological issues to modeling results,
    evaluation of uncertainties, and applications
  * (2) solution of various formulations of geodetic boundary-value
    problems resulting in precise local and regional high-resolution
    gravity/geoid models
  * (3) gravity campaigns and networks using absolute, superconducting
    and other relative gravimeters, as well as future technologies
  * (4) unification of existing height systems and the establishment of
    an IHRS
  * (5) developments in theory, processing methods, downward
    continuation of satellite and airborne data, treatment of altimetry
    and shipborne data, terrain modeling
  * (6) geophysical and oceanographic applications of static gravity
    field models
  * (7) mission concepts, instrumentation and processing strategies for
    future gravity field missions


Abstract must be submitted at http://www.iag-iaspei-2017.jp/ Other 
information such as travel support, registration, accommodation and 
travel information can be found at the above site.

We are looking forward to your submission of abstracts and meeting you 
in Kobe.

Kind regards,
Roland Pail, L. Vitushkin, H. Abd-Elmotaal, M. Sideris

P.S.: Sorry if you receive this announcement more than once.

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