[unav_all] Fall AGU Meeting session on hydrological signals in geodetic data

Adrian Borsa aborsa at ucsd.edu
Mon Jul 10 19:21:37 MDT 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Since it is AGU season, we wanted to call your attention to the session below, which touches on themes relevant to the UNAVCO community:

Session Title: G010. Hydrological signals in geodetic data: New observations, models and techniques 
Section/Focus Group: Geodesy 
Section Description: Geodesy is becoming increasingly important for observing the hydrological cycle and its effects on solid Earth shape. For example, GPS and InSAR measurements respectively provide high temporal and spatial resolution to study natural hydrologically-related deformation and monitor anthropogenic groundwater extraction and recharge, whereas GRACE is helping to track changes in the global terrestrial water storage. Signals of loading from changes in surface and groundwater storage are seen from basin to continental scale. Additionally, GPS reflectometry is in operational use for monitoring soil moisture and snow depth at continuous GPS stations in the western USA and Canada. In light of these developments, we invite contributions describing new observations and models of hydrological signals in geodetic time series and/or imaging. Studies exploring deformation induced by loading extraction/recharge, techniques for removing hydrological signals from geodetic time series, or teleconnections between terrestrial and oceanic phenomena, are particularly encouraged.

We encourage all relevant submissions!

Best regards,

Nicola D’agostino (primary convener)
Shimon Wdowinski
Bill Hammond
Adrian Borsa

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