[unav_all] AGU session on SAR and InSAR methods! Don't miss it!

Gareth Funning gareth at ucr.edu
Tue Jul 25 02:27:14 MDT 2017

Hello all (apologies in advance for any cross-postings),

The AGU abstract submission deadline is just over a week away, and if you
exploit SAR or InSAR data in your research, do consider submitting to this
wonderfully broad and welcoming session!

G015: Recent Advances in SAR and InSAR Processing, Analysis, and Cloud

We are entering a golden age of civilian SAR remote sensing with ~10
satellites in orbit and a fleet of new SAR satellites (including NISAR) to
be launched by 2020. This wealth of data provides the geoscience community
with enormous opportunities but also significant technical and logistical
challenges. This session, co-sponsored by WInSAR and the Alaska Satellite
Facility, aims to prepare the ground for addressing these challenges.

We solicit contributions showcasing recent developments in SAR in the
following three areas: (1) Recent developments in data processing
techniques that take full advantage of the densely sampled time-series
information provided by modern SAR sensors, including both InSAR and SAR
amplitude time-series methods. (2) Recent advances in big data and
cloud-based processing techniques applied to SAR and InSAR, and development
and distribution of value-added products. (3) Submissions that apply SAR
and InSAR data to analyzing Earth science problems and/or the monitoring of

Gareth Funning, Franz Meyer and Jingyi Ann Chen
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