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~~~~~On behalf of Dr. Wdowinski~~~~

Dear Colleagues,

Please refer the advertised postdoc positions to relevant candidates.

Applications are now invited for  <>two post-doctoral fellowship positions at the Department of Earth and Environment (E&E), Florida International University (FIU) in the fields of earthquake mechanics and hydro-geodesy or sea level-geodesy. Candidates should have a PhD degree or be in advance stages of their PhD studies. The successful applicants will join an active geodetic research group at FIU. Please find details below.
1) Post-doctoral Fellowship in Fault Mechanics and Earthquake triggering

The position is part of a NASA supported project titled “Cascading hazards: Understanding triggering relations between wet tropical cyclones, landslides, and earthquakes”. The appointee will investigate the impact of surface unloading on stress changes within the crust and their potential for triggering earthquakes. The research will include: (1) developing and testing mechanical models of faults and crustal deformation using finite element or other numerical modeling techniques, (2) using Coulomb failure stress calculations for evaluating fault failure conditions, and (3) applying the models and stress calculations to case studies in Taiwan. The appointee should be familiar with fault mechanics, crustal deformation processes, and numerical modeling. A PhD in tectonics, geodesy, or seismology is required.

2) Post-doctoral Fellowship in hydro-geodesy or sea level-geodesy
The position aims at expanding the use of geodetic observations for studying hydrological processes and/or sea level changes. Hydro-geodesy research of interest includes (1) surface water changes (e.g., wetland InSAR), (2) groundwater changes (e.g., aquifer property changes inferred from land subsidence), (3) integrated continental water storage changes as measured by crustal movements and/or gravity changes, and (4) their societal importance. Sea level change research will focus on regional and/or local changes in the rate of sea level rise due to sea level fingerprinting, ocean dynamics, and vertical land movements. The research will be based on a single, or multiple geodetic data types, including GPS, InSAR, GRACE, and radar altimetry. The appointee should be familiar with geodetic data processing techniques and their applications. A PhD in geodesy, remote sensing, hydrology or oceanography is required. 

To apply, please send a letter describing research interests, a curriculum vita, and the names, addresses, and e-mail address of three potential references to Dr. Shimon Wdowinski, Department of Earth and Environment, Florida International University.
E-mail: shimon.wdowinski at fiu.edu <mailto:shimon.wdowinski at fiu.edu> 

Dr. Shimon Wdowinski
Associate Professor
Department of Earth and Environment
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th Street, AHC5-388 
Miami, FL 33199 

Office: 305-348-6826
Cell:    305-607-1603
e-mail: shimon.wdowinski at fiu.edu <mailto:shimon.wdowinski at fiu.edu>
Website: http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/users/swdowinski/ <http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/users/swdowinski/>

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