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PhD positions for two related projects in geophysics are available at the Institute of Earth Sciences (IES), University of Iceland.


The objective of the projects is to study interactions of geothermal, tectonic, and magmatic processes, with special focus on understanding the Hengill area - a natural laboratory for the study. Hengill is located at a tectonic triple junction with associated faulting and earthquake activity, hosts several active central volcanoes and fissure swarms, geothermal areas, and two large geothermal power plants. All of these contribute to a complex seismicity and deformation field observed in the area. Both projects are funded for three years by the Icelandic Research Fund.


1. Crustal deformation (job id HI17030008).  The candidate will analyse and model surface deformation data from the Hengill area (mostly GPS & InSAR) incorporating information from 3-d geological data and geothermal production data. During the project the student will gain experience in GPS field work, geodetic (GPS and InSAR) analysis, theoretical modelling and interpretation. The student will work with an international team of scientists and students at the IES, as well as from the Icelandic Meteorological office, and Departments of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University and COMET at the University of Leeds.


2. Seismology (job id HI17030007). The candidate will learn and develop novel techniques and advanced analysis of micro-earthquakes for interpretation and modelling of the various geo-processes acting in the Hengill area. These include relative earthquake locations, fault mapping through joint analysis of the micro-earthquake distributions and their focal mechanisms, measurements and interpretation of stress changes, correlation techniques etc. The student will work with data from the national seismic network, SIL as well as with data from a new micro-earthquake seismic network dedicated to the Hengill area. The student will work with an international team of scientists and students at the Icelandic Meteorological Office and IES, experts at the Reykjavík Energy geothermal company, as well as with collaborators in Sweden.

Please visit http://english.hi.is/vacancies_list for further information and to apply.


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