[unav_all] GNSS/Geodesy postdoc vacancy at Wuhan University

Jianghui Geng jgeng at whu.edu.cn
Wed May 10 07:35:44 MDT 2017

Dear colleagues, 

We have a 2-year GNSS/geodesy postdoc position at Wuhan University in China. Wuhan University is one of the IGS ACs and has been one of the most outstanding GNSS players in the world. Successful candidates will be involved in BeiDou projects and relevant geodetic applications. More details refer to http://postdoc.whu.edu.cn/newsDetails.shtml?newskindid=20150722104508384KIUl8WzyWGf9e&newsinfoid=201703230852496782OuV7BP9vqCuQ <http://postdoc.whu.edu.cn/newsDetails.shtml?newskindid=20150722104508384KIUl8WzyWGf9e&newsinfoid=201703230852496782OuV7BP9vqCuQ>

Homepage of GNSS Center at Wuhan University: http://gnsscenter.whu.edu.cn/en/ <http://gnsscenter.whu.edu.cn/en/>

Sorry for cross postings.

Jianghui Geng
Professor in GNSS Geodesy
GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University
Email: jgeng at whu.edu.cn
Office: +86 (0)27 68778955
Mobile: +86 17762578656
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/gengjianghui/

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