[unav_all] Tropospheric products available from >16, 000 stations since 1996.0

Geoffrey Blewitt gblewitt at unr.edu
Sun Nov 5 13:34:02 MST 2017

Dear UNAVCO members,

Nevada Geodetic Lab would like to announce public availability to over 
34,000,000 station-days of tropospheric products (total zenith delay, 
north gradient, east gradient, every 5 minutes since 1996.0) from over 
16,000 stations.

The files are available here:


There are single station-day files in directories year/day.

File names are compressed using gzip, and follow the IGS standard and 
look a like RINEX filenames, for example, ALBH0010.96zpd.gz -- please 
see the IGS SINEX Tropo format at the IGS Central Bureau for more 

If you have not used IGS SINEX tropo format before, a single-line Linux 
command can parse out the troposphere data into text columns, e.g.,

zgrep -A1000 -m1 '^[+-]TROP/SOLUTION' ALBH0010.96zpd.gz | tail -n+3

which should give 288 lines (5-minute epochs) of output.  This command 
extracts the block of data between lines starting with +TROP/SOLUTION 
and -TROP/SOLUTION, while cutting out the header (using tail).   The 
columns descriptions can be found as comments in the files themselves, 
as well as in a machine-readable SINEX metadata block.

We will be working to make these visible on our web page soon at 
http://geodesy.unr.edu, as well as making the data directly available 
through http links, and through the UNAVCO Plug and Play portal.

They will now continue to be updated weekly with new incoming data, as 
well as newly discovered stations (~1000 new stations per year).

Those of you familiar with our products already will know we have for 
many years produced position solutions for a variety of latencies and 
averaging intervals, from near real-time 5-minute solutions to final 
24-hour solutions.   These tropospheric products were generated in 
response to several user requests, and as an unplanned "deliverable of 
opportunity" for our Plug and Play Project in collaboration with UNAVCO 
which just came to an end.

Your comments and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks to JPL/Caltech for providing the GIPSY software and orbit and 
clock products used to generate these solutions, and to the NASA ACCESS 
Program for support.


- Geoff Blewitt
Nevada Geodetic Lab

Geoff Blewitt, Professor
University of Nevada, Reno

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research" - Albert Einstein

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