[unav_all] Volcanism and Active Geology of the island of Hawai'i (Field-based course through the University of Alaska Fairbanks)

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If you are a faculty member, please forward this to undergraduates who may be interested.

This coming January (Jan 5-14, 2018) we will once again offer the field-based Wintermester course "Volcanism and Active Geology of the island of Hawai’i”. Topics include physical features of the volcanoes, plate tectonics and the origin of volcanism, and the development and "life cycle" of oceanic islands.

There is no substitute for field-based instruction in the geosciences. Students can learn a tremendous amount even from just a few days in the field, seeing features and processes with their own eyes, and this results not only in greater knowledge and insights but also enhanced enthusiasm and motivation. There is probably no better place in the world to introduce students to the basic physical features of volcanoes than the island of Hawai'i, with its active Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, and we can also make basic features of plate tectonics and a physical understanding of plate tectonics, erosion, the age and development of the ocean basins, and a host of other problems come to life vividly in this setting.

Details of the course are on the course web page along with plenty of photos of the field sites and past students:

http://www.gps.alaska.edu/jeff/Classes/GEOS393.html <http://www.gps.alaska.edu/jeff/Classes/GEOS393.html>

We do ask for a short application process for students who are interested, and you’ll need instructor approval to be able to sign up (registration for Wintermester opens in November). So please contact me (jfreymueller at alaska.edu <mailto:jfreymueller at alaska.edu>) if you are interested. More details are on the website.


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